Yoga of Relationships

The word "Yoga" means "Uniting, Unification".

Yoga of Relationships provides knowledge and awareness of the unity of human relationships, based on love, happiness, harmony, health, compassion, friendship, mutual respect and support, personal fulfilment and so on.

Is this achievable in everyday life?
Absolutely! Yoga of Relationships uses specific yogic exercises in order to provide direct insight into fundamental human values and more. Anyone can immediately experience the above-mentioned results through performing specific exercises.

Are these exercises complicated?
They are even simpler than writing on paper.

What will this course teach me?
During this weekend we will learn the unique Krishna Kriya, a powerful purifying technique, which energizes your body, purifies your system and gently, but powerfully connects you to your inner Self!

  • Innovative techniques for alignment of all seven levels of existence
  • How to get in touch with your heart in a simple way
  • How to attract the right partner
  • How to give and receive Love and Respect
  • 10 big mistakes that should have never been made
  • How to deal with emotions
  • Anger management exercises
  • 3 natural laws for perfect communication
  • “The moment of truth” – a unique approach to harmoniously solving any problem in human relationships
  • Fundamental nature of a man and fundamental nature of a woman
  • The Law of Freedom
  • The nature of the mind and the nature of the heart
  • The secret of how to be in harmony with yourself, the basis for all harmonious relationships
  • Special mantra for a happy and long lasting relationship
  • and many more…

Post-course benefits

Everyone will learn how to improve their relationship with themselves and thus create a foundation for building good relationships with others.

Those who live alone will be ready to achieve good relationships at all levels in a short time.

Couples will, in turn, significantly improve, or completely transform, an existing relationship.


The most important relationship?

Each one of us is in some kind of relationship – be it a partnership, friendship, parenthood, business relationship… Even when we are «alone», we are not alone. It is, in fact, impossible not to be in some kind of relationship. At least we have a relationship with ourselves.

The most important relationship is our relationship with ourself!

There are two formulas valid for good health and good relationships:


When we are healthy and full of energy and optimism, we will always be a welcomed guest, friend, and family member…

However, people in poor health usually tend to lose any kind of desire to maintain relationships. There is only one wish that is paramount in times of sickness – to get better. It is important to note that it has been scientifically proven that, if we have poor personal relationships, they often tend to reflect on our health.

Therefore, we conclude that our general health does not really depend on what and how we eat or drink, but most of all it depends on the quality of our relationships and one in particular: the relationship with ourselves.