Durga Mantras

Traditional Mantras and hymns, especially for protection from all dangers.


This Sanskrit chant is perfect for yoga, meditation, body work, massage, profound healing and a peaceful atmosphere at home.

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Durga Ashtotram

It is played in Yoga-centers, courses, massage praxis, during healing treatments, in clinics, or for small children to calm them down and put them to sleep. Many people play it against stress, fears and depressions… or for falling asleep.

Even aggressive pets have been reported to become peaceful and friendly!

Kartikeya Mantra

This is the most powerful Mantra for Protection against all kinds of dangers.
Listen while driving or at home.

Jaya Durga

This is a joyful chant to the Divine Mother, who loves, nourishes and protects all her children.Many people play it against fears and depressions.

Blessing of the Goddess

In this chant first thunder is rising, followed by conches,
which announce the Goddess.

Her voice sounds from heaven:
“Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu” –

“May all beings in all worlds be happy!”

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Vocals and Paintings: Ananda Vdovic, Music, arrangement and Video: Davor Vdovic, Copyright: Anandas Art

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